MBBS in Belgorod State National Research University FAQ’s

Where is Belgorod State National Research University located?

The Belgorod National Research University is a university in Belgorod, Russia.

Which language is spoken in RUSSIA?

Russian and English

Which currency does Russian use?

Russian Ruble

How’s Climate in Belgorod?

In Summer average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F).
In Winter average temperatures that fall between -2°C (28°F) and 19°C(66.2°F). The coldest season is in the months of January and February.

How are Russia’s Relations with India?

Bilateral ties with Russia are a key pillar of India's foreign policy. Since the signing of the “Declaration on the India-Russia Strategic Partnership” in October 2000 (during the visit of President Vladimir Putin to India) India-Russia ties have acquired a qualitatively new character with enhanced levels of cooperation taking place in almost all areas of the bilateral relationship including political, security, trade and economy, defense, science and technology and culture.

Is there Indian Embassy in Russia?

Main Building of the Embassy (6-8, Vorontsovo Polye)
Consular Wing and Commercial Wing (4, Vorontsovo Polye)
Information Wing, Library, Science & Technology Wing & Cultural Centre (9, Vorontsovo Polye)

Why Russia is becoming the most preferred destination for Indian Students?

Universities offer high quality education with a reasonable fee structure,Apart from being affordable, Russia follows an easy admission process , which has increased the inflow of international students. This has strengthened its position as a top overseas destination Indian students.

Why Russia is most favourable destination for studying medicine - MBBS (MD)?

Russia is known for providing quality education at a low cost. Its excellence in teaching and research makes it a popular destination for MBBS

Is there any age limit for applying for MD (Doctor of Medicine) Program?

Minimum age 17 Years on or before 31st December 2020

Why Russia is better than other country?

Russia ranks No. 24 overall in the U.S. News Best Countries ranking. Explore photos, statistics and additional rankings of Russia

What is Course Duration of Belgorod State National Research University?

6Years for MD(MBBS) course.

Does these 6 years duration incorporates internship?

Yes,it includes Internship.

Which is the Biggest Medicai college or University in Russia?


Are there Indian Students in Belgorod State National Research University?


Is there any difference between MD in Russia and MBBS in India?

There are mainly two study pattern that the world follows, one is USA based and other is UK, the countries who follow medical education pattern of the USA give the degree of MD, whereas the others who follow medical education pattern of the UK give the degree of MBBS, there is no other difference between MD and MBBS and hence both are equivalent and are accepted by the all the countries.

How much time it takes to reach Russia?


What if student feels sick in college campus?

The Belgorod National Research University is famous for taking care of all the sides, the colleges have own hospitals and doctors who take care of students during the sickness.

How much time the entire process can take?

Minimum 45days to 2months.

Do Belgorod National University - Provide scholarships?


Can students apply for the PG medical entrance after completing MBBS (MD) in Belgorod National Research University?

Yes, Students completed MBBS(MD) in Bel NRU can apply for PG in Russia and across the world.

Can student work during the MBBS in Belgorod?

It will be tough for the students to maintain both Education and Work.

What is ECTS?

European Credit Transfer System

Can my parents visit me?

Yes,they can visit by holding visiting visa

Would anybody from Vsource Education be there with students while travelling?

Yes,for 6years an executive from Vsource will be there with students.

Can I open a Bank account in Belgorod?

Yes,by TRP(Temperory Resident Permit) you can apply for bank account in Russia

Is NEET mandatory for the students to get admission MBBS (MD) course in Russia?

Yes,according to our latest Indian Education norms students have to qualify NEET to study MBBS in abroad

What are the parameters parents and students should check while selecting university?

Safety and Security,
Country Relations,
University World Rankings,
PG Opportunities.


Tracing its history back to 1876, Belgorod National Research University has had quite a challenging history, and now it is one of the leading universities in Russia (21st in the Interfax National University Ranking) and is ranked by the major international university ranking agencies:

- 167 – QS World University Ranking: EECA 2020;

- 195 – QS World University Ranking: BRICS 2019.

- 76-100 – Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (ARWU), Metallurgical Engineering ;

- 1001+ – Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2020;

- 301-400 – Times Higher Education Engineering and Technology Subject Ranking 2020;

- 601-800 – Times Higher Education Physical Sciences Subject Ranking 2020;

- 301-350 – Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings 2020.

How Many International Students are studying at Belgorod National Research University?

There are 3000 International students from 91Countries.

How many DOCTORS available in campus?

over 1,100 Doctors and Candidates of Science are available.

Is there any research centre in campus?

The Belgorod National Research University is famous for Research oriented programs there are 55 research centers and laboratories.